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GRAIL – Virtual reality within fluid mechanics

What is the GRAIL project?

It is the acronym for “Games in extended Reality for Advanced Immersive Learning”.

GRAIL is a virtual reality game on Fluid Mechanics designed and produced by the Innovation and Educational Resources division of IMT Nord Europe. It is intended for fluid mechanics students at IMT Nord Europe.

It is through the latter that players will be able to visit the Grande Dixence dam in Switzerland and be completely immersed in the reality of the field.

To learn more about the concept of the game: Project

In this virtual reality game, students will have to find clues, objects and codes. This will be useful to be able to answer the questions asked on the application dedicated to the module.
It combines both modeled virtual reality and 360° images and videos.

A whole pedagogical reflection has also been carried out, so as to allow students to collaborate while being immersed in a virtual environment. They do it with their team. What the person sees in the headset is transmitted to a screen for the group.

Who is playing the game?

This game is played in groups of four. There is only one person wearing the virtual reality headset. The other three do their research thanks to the answers found in the game. It is possible and advisable to rotate between the students.

To find out more about the genesis of the project: Interview with Jean-Luc Wojkiewicz


Thanks to IMT and UNIT for their financial support. Also to the staff of Grande Dixence SA for their welcome and help during the visit to the dam and the pumping stations, in particular to Sarah Falcinelli Communications Officer, to Mr. Nicola-V. Bretz Civil Engineer EPF-L, to Mr. Raphaël Garcia-Vögel, to Mr. Georges Parvex and Mr. Christian Constantin and to all the staff met on the various sites of the hydraulic complex.

Grande Dixence