What is the GRAIL project ?

What is the GRAIL project ?

The GRAIL project or Game with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence for Learning is a VR game about fluids mechanics designed and created by the Innovation and Pedagogical ressources pole from IMT Nord Europe.

This is through this game that players would be able to visit the Grande Dixence dam in Switzerland in order to be in total immersion facing reality of the ground.

Today, we are with Jean-Luc Wojkiewicz who’s a teacher in fluids mechanics and the GRAIL project promoter who is going to talk about this innovative and ambitious project.

We also got the Julien Morice point of view. Indeed, Julien is an pedagogical and multimedia engineer from IMT Atlantique, he has his own YouTube channel called : La Cartographie des Talents and a website called : Cartotalents.

Gaëlle Guigon, Christophe Giuliana and Frédéric Sion are introducing GRAIL, a  game made for fluids mechanics students from IMT Nord Europe which is going to be used as a tool with virtual reality. The original dispositive is in the fact that they combine virtual reality and 360° pictures and videos at the same time. On the other side and beyond the technical aspect, a whole line of thinking about pedagogy has been made in order to make students collaborate and work in teams being immerged in a virtual environment with their teamates.