Users feedback

Users feedback

As part of the fluids mechanics courses, the university lecturer and researchers decided to include a practical phase to their theoretical course. This is at this moment that GRAIL and its VR game comes up to put the students in a role-playing position as close as possible to the reality.

We took two game testing sessions : first, an alpha phase with the fluids mechanics teachers and then, a beta phase with the students.

We can see our teachers :  Caroline Duc, Tom Lacassagne, Jean-Luc Wojkiewicz and Joël Brito.

After these sessions, we make sure to gather the main users’ first impressions : the fluids mechanics students.

As part of the test session, we gathered three groups of students to try the first level of the game in order to analyse their behaviours, the content relevance and how they handle these new tools. The aim is to face the students with reals situations in order to determine a game duration, a number of players, to restructure the riddles and take notes of the issues they deal with. The objective of these sessions is to be in a continual content improvement process.

In this interview, we are with two students from IMT Nord Europe, Cyprien Buret and Sebastian Lungu. These two participated to this test session and gave us their impressions.